Introducing the Hipper Chopper & Chopper Lister

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Bigham's Hipper Chopper

A true one pass tool that makes perfect beds for high speed precision planting, the Hipper Chopper® prepares seed beds, shapes furrows, and forms trenches in one pass. The resulting seed bed is uniform which aids planting and optimizes irrigation. Every HC features a suite of heavy duty five-blade chopper reels with 2-1⁄4” bearings, 1” x 3” HD front shanks, and optional HD rear shanks. Double rear baskets with opposing angles and premium bearings ensure complete bed mixing.

Bigham's Chopper Lister

Take the Hipper Series to the next level with aggressive stalk chopping and stalk incorporation with the Chopper Lister®. The main chopper reels break up clods, incorporate residue and chemicals, and level the top of the seedbed. Dual rear baskets refine the bed surface for planting with the option of round bar, flat bar, or smooth roller with scraper available. And more closely coupled frame design eases transport and handling.

You can fight corn on corn residue with the hipper family. Hippers accelerate residue decomposition to improve yields 8-10% on consecutive years of corn. The Hipper’s aggressive stalk chopping and incorporation results in a fine material that breaks down better within a perfect seedbed.

Solving problems by being innovative is energizing to us at Bigham Ag. We have been working with producers for generations to see farming practices in a new light. We have developed and tested our bedding/ridging tools for the past 50 years. Our
customers rely on Bigham’s partnership and products to earn the most trusted name in tillage.